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The 4 Most Important Ingredients For Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are an able support to your intensive gym sessions when you dream of that alpha male sculpted physique. A staple among the bodybuilders, these supplements have long been flooding the fitness zone. However, you can't just randomly choose any supplement out there. Loading your gym diet with any and every supplement is not exactly smart. Be mindful about the most important supplements to be included in your routine. The post below shares the 4 most important ingredients for bodybuilding supplements.


No supplement routine is complete without the protein power. It helps the body to build, repair as well as maintain the desired solid muscle mass. Any slack here and you would only end up losing out on your muscle. Getting back to basic classroom science, protein is the second most important ingredient to make up maximum body weight. So, you need ample volume of protein boost to march on and deal with the challenges ahead. And when you are stressing on greater muscle mass and strength, you would need an extra protein boost. The protein supplements come in handy here.

Whey protein is the best of all protein supplements in the market as it accounts for the optimum protein quality. Casein (milk protein) would be another great add-on here. Both of them together pack a serious punch but if you are looking to opt for either of them, whey is your choice hands down.


This is another crucial ingredient for bodybuilding supplements and the benefits are many. To start with, creatine supplements assure a dramatic boost in strength and it empowers your workout intensity to way higher. You will need lesser rest times in between your sets and experience amplified tenacity to plunge harder into your workout routine. Creatine is also hailed for greater and faster muscle growth. Besides, it will speed up your recovery time which means you will rush back faster to the gym after any muscle injury.

BCAAS (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

BCAAS stands for the mighty group of leucine, isoleucine & valine amino acids. All 3 are crucial for building your muscle tissues and repairing the wear & tear you suffer from the intensive gym sessions. However, Leucine is your most formidable buddy here as it can independently boost up the synthesis of muscle protein. But then, all 3 together would mean a good lot other essential benefits- such as improved muscle growth, enhanced energy in between your reps & sets as well as reduved muscle soreness. And yes, BCAAS also work to weaken the unwanted effects of cortisol in the body.


This is another great amino acid when you are aiming for that sculpted look. Glutamine supplements enhance leucine levels in your muscle fiber which eventually heightens the muscle growth by a great extent. Then, it is also favored for its amazing capacity to lessen muscle breakdown. And oh yes, glutamine also means a serious boost to your immunity.

Finally, you should also know that specific supplements come with specific dosage requirements. So, always ask your trainer about the right doses before you take in any of the supplements.

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