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Did You Know You Could Build Muscle Without Weights?

It's a myth that you need to spend loads of money on a gym membership or a home weight gym in order to build quality muscle. In fact, you can build a great physique in the privacy of your own home without lifting one weight. How can you build muscle without weights? The answer lies with your own bodyweight.

The Exercises

In order to build muscle, all you need are a few chairs, a broom stick or some other solid piece of wood, and your own body. That's it. Below are just a few of the exercises that you can do at home in your own bedroom or living room.

For The Chest

To workout your chest, all you need are a couple chairs. You can set up three chairs and you can do pushups between them. This is a great way to build muscle in your chest. It's essentially like doing bench presses but you're using your own bodyweight. You can also elevate your feet on one of the chairs while leaving your hands on the ground and do pushups that way. That will work your upper chest. Invert by placing your hands on the chair and your feet on the ground and that will work your lower chest.

Biceps And Back

You may be wondering what the broom stick is for. Well, you can place the broomstick across the top of two of the chairs and you have a pull up bar. You can rest your bottom on the ground and lift yourself up to the bar to work your biceps. Or, you can have your palms facing outward and pull yourself up and that will work your back.

There are many more exercises that you can do to build muscle. You just need to be creative and you'll build the body you want in no time.

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